Whenever I feel down, have a lot to cry and there is no one to care, I just grab a bucket of warm water and dip my legs till knees in it and possess that wonderful feeling and that I am getting a warm hug from water, the god.the myself.


Type “tilt” and go for a Google search. Click the first result you get.

EnjoY further.:-)

The Korean drama “Seducing Mr.perfect” is a corporate love story.

Attractive corporate geek, the boss is resolute in his corporate ways, also has a history of failed love, where as his employee is literally fanatical about her love life.

She seems to fail in almost every relationship she falls in and pleads her boss for his suggestions thinking he might be good at them by his speeches.

He observes that whichever relationship she is committed to, she forgets her “self” and gives 100% in pleasing her partner.

The best curve of the movie is his comments taking a turn from “protect your ego” to “they were just not the right men for you”.

A must watch..

I had this terrible day of my life when a guy asked me out on a date and didn’t show up while I waited and waited and waited.

This was literally going to be my second date till then and Miss.myself was so excited, went shopping, bought a cute dress, got ready in ‘every way’ i could and was looking forward for it only to break myself on the big day.

At the end of the day I considered myself the most destroyed one.I did not need food or water. All I needed was someone to hug me and let me cry.

Well then, I thought of people struggling for even food and water and I was cool with my fate the very next moment. HaHa

Travelled all the way to native yesterday.. Have heard somewhere that you tend to like the journey rather than the destination.. It’s a great time seeing the city disappear and the greenery show itself.looked at the wide sky and stars it owns, thinking of past and why a certain imagination should be my future.Also thought of this boy I always had a crush oN and never dared or dare to confess, listening to amazing goulding’s voice.But, the next moment I notice myself drifting away from my ambitions, and throw the headphones away gradually realizing my life is a lot complicated.