What was i gonna write?? ok.. Here it is.


Currently i am obsesses with the series gravity falls

Finished with the second season and not so interested in moving to the next season..rather just hit the enter button on the already watched ones over and over again.

The reason i decided to write up today is uff, i forgot.

I had terrible dream that i was gonna drown and i knew the entire town was gonna vanish and i realised i did not know to swim.

that was terrific

not much obsessed with the guy i mentioned before, but still have a thing for him and questioning myself do i really have what it takes to want a guy like that.

I am currently improvising on my technical skills

May be i should be eating a lil more and excersing a lil more to maintain my body attractive


I dont know where this life will take me

Ok now i remembered this special thing i wanted to write about

Day before yesterday or may be the day before that, i specifically do not remember,


There was rakshabandhan, a very meaningful tradition in India,

I celebrated the next day of rakhi with my colleagues who i treat as my brothers from other mothers.

And a very shocking thing happened.

The guy apologized to me saying i had commented a lot before about you and today i m saying sorry fr all of that.

I wish you get the best in your life.

I am even getting a present from his end.

I got a 170/- chocolate bar from another bro.

Thats it for today???












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