Just more confused!!!

Okay, i have, in the previous paragraphs, written about this man,(i do not want to say, “a guy” or “a boy” cz, he is way too matured to be called all of that)i admire and things now are more complicated.

We guys, probably group of 6 friends,met a number of times, and everytime i went, it was to see him.

I always wanted to talk to him more and we even did a couple of times. There is also, story of one night where we kept on chatting till 2 in the morning. I did not want to say goodnight and end the conversation, because i was definitely sure it was not going to happen again any time soon.

I learnt he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I told him i do not have any. I was continuously confused about whether he discusses the same way with his other friends.

He had told me about how difficult it was to get through his degree with financial crisis and also mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

I did not dig it through. Somewhere in the corner of my conscience, i did want to believe that he likes me, and i knew that digging through his ex stories might awaken me about the fact that he is not over her yet and that he is just a friend talking to me because he just feels comfortable in doing so. I did not want to know that.

i will continuously strive to be good enough for him and if goddess appeals this, we might one day become a happy couple, each aimed at the best of their lives.


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