i cannot stop thinking about you since the day i saw you.. it has been very difficult for me

I think of that cute moment we shared and blush and blush and blush whole day ending up sighing..

Sighing desperately knowing that i wont get you ever

I may never see you again..may be.

But i am pretty sure you will know one day how much i was greedy about you.

I do not know how to define what i feel for you.Its not a lust, i dont really have thought of anything dirty,not even a big kiss.It is just that i like you.i like the way you are.I want to be like you.

Oh yeah,i am just adoring you,i envy you.Is there a feeling like that?

May be

You gave me that angry irritated look when i was laughing at something else.That,man,was really scary.More than scary,it did hurt.

It was that smile some people give me who think i am like a burden to earth and i am no one and just no one.

And that look,my dear gave me a chill throughout the body which reminded of the fact that i am born ugly and did not have any rights to dream high you know

And thats it, i stopped dreaming.

But this is cruel


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