Has anyone gone through this?

A guy you like, a guy who you think is perfectly perfect,a guy who is your role model, a guy who you wish you had,the guy who has a character you ever dreamt of in a man and thought was imaginary, The kind of guy who you thought you would never meet in this whole wide stupid world, is infront of you.

you don’t wanna look desperate,do you?.

you show some of your saved attitude, faking ignorance while you are dying inside to kiss him.

Yes i met this kind of guy and as usual, my fickle mind fell for him at the moment.My usual routine would be telling so called friends about how my “this time crush” looked like in the whole trip i had been to.

But this time,NO.

A big NO.

FYI, i am not a girlfriend material and more likely a T-boy.The moment i came back to room the day i saw him, i wanted to convert myself into a fancy GF, though i was sure he had one,a pretty one indeed may be.

Then i thought of this,the crucial point i wanted to make out of this whole story

Suppose i change for him, and luckily i get him, he might like the fake of me, the real me will be dying inside to come out and ask whether he would like that too.

If he doesn’t, what’s the point?

then i realized, if its meant to happen,it will.or else its time to move on with life.You love yourself first.

At the end,its you who will love yourself unconditionally.

Transform yourself into something that will please the god who is the only one who will love you eternally.

Did you feel this page is like wikipedia where you started reading something and ended up reading about solitude?



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